Brief Introducti on of Huaxi

Huaxi is a village where people focus attention upon;Huaxi Phenomenon is a surprising achievement;Huaxi is known well as “the first village all over the country” with the beautiful vision and the common prosperity.Welcome to Huaxi to experience the life of the New Socialist Countryside in China. There are more than 80 view spots in Huaxi village. At the fifteenth floor of Huaxi Golden Tower, you can get a bird’s-eye view of village panorama ; in the Happiness Garden, you can take nice pictures of the Four-Season Park, and see the biggest copper bell (148 tons) and drum (1.98 meter high); through “the road of Huaxi”
The Exhibition Hall, you can learn the developing history of Huaxi ;in the World Park, you can find a lot of miniature architectures all over the world; in the High-tech Eco Garden, you can enjoy a green world full of vegetables and fruits; in villagers’ houses, you can also lead a farmer’s life for several days ...... Fantastic experience in Huaxi Village!

Political Construction

There will be no new China without the communist party. There will be no today's Huaxi without the communist party either. Huaxi people always love and believe in the communist party and hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Huaxi consists with the party center at one end and the people at the other end, unswervingly pursuing Huaxi characteristic common prosperity.

Cultural Construction

Huaxi people respect traditional culture, learn advanced culture and create characteristic culture ecology of Huaxi formed from its development has been recognized by experts as the “Huaxi sustainable development spirit code”.

Economical Construction

For recent decade, Huaxi focuses on industry transformation---expanding the tourism service, financial investment, storage logistics, offshore engineering, wholesale market of agricultural products, mineral resources and other emerging industry. The initial stage has gone and it is the getting stage. For now, the profit contribution ratio between Huaxi traditional industry is four to six. And the ratio of three to seven is the next goal.

Social Construction

TWhat is socialism? It lies in one sentence: People's welfare and happiness is socialism. For social construction of Huaxi, "To give people a better happy life" is always the basic goal and "Rule the village and enterprise by law" is an effective treasure. All these aim at building Huaxi into a "century-old shop".

Ecological Construction

For these years, Huaxi has achieved the sustainabe development of environment. In 2001, Huaxi became the first one at village level in China which is granted ISO 14001 International Quality Environmental Management System Certification. Now Huaxi is famous for "beautiful countryside in China", "the most beautiful countryside in Jiangsu Province" and "one of the ten most beautiful countryside of Wuxi"..

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